A Tale of Two Breasts | Eileen A. Kaplan

A Tale of Two Breasts

A Tale of Two Breasts

Who woulda thunk it?

From my early beginnings as someone who would pull a joke on anyone, turn anything into laughter, and continue on in her life as having a constant smile, (most of the time), it is just beyond me how what I am doing at this time of my life has come into play.

Remembering all the way back to Girl Scout Camp, when I was the mischief maker and snuck into the cook’s cabin, stole her bra and raised it to the top of the flag pole. Salute our Breasts!

Marching onward into Eileen’s life with breasts and bras. Young, so young, and to have to bare my breasts to the “Bra Lady” at the upscale department store.

Whew! Remembering that wicked, cold tape measure being wound around my gorgeous youthful body. And being told I was a double A. As in “Double A” or “A Minus!” What a nerve wracking experience.

Taking that beautiful, new bra home was so exhilarating. Then for the remainder of the day, I stood in front of the door mirror in my bedroom practicing how to hook the new addition to my wardrobe behind my back. I vowed that I would never be a “hook your bra in the front girl.” When the moon rose into the sky I had done it. Victory at last. Yes!

In high school, we never, ever let a young man touch the sacred mounds. It was a big No, No. But a “rite of ” passage when someone found out that you were wearing your first bra inevitably a nice guy would come up behind you and snap the elastic. It was then the expression that you had “OVER THE SHOULDER BOULDER HOLDERS.” And last but not the least, in the event you loved sweaters, you would be known as “THE SWEATER GIRL.”

More coming soon with the full story in a new book in gestation, “My Breast Foot Forward”

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