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quotes “Thank you for your heart warming book….I read your book on the flight home and at times laughed out so loud that nearby passengers must have thought I was indulging in the free beverages a little too much…..I found your experiences really touching and really admire the way that you and those closest to you have dealt with this life-changing experience…once again, many thanks for such an inspirational read” “

N. Basu, M.D. – UK


Laughter Is The Breast Medicine

“Laughter”, as Eileen tenderly refers to her book, has been the catalyst to totally reinventing herself as a human being. After learning about her breast cancer, in 2005, she went through a period of time not knowing the seriousness of her condition. She never thought about dying or saying “why me?”, instead she found great strength in finding humor with each step of her recovery process.

Cancer Speaker, Breast Cancer Survivor, & Author