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On The Move

On The Move

Looking To Find Eileen?

She is just about everywhere… from speaking on cancer and breast cancer surviving to writing books and signings to appearance on TV and radio. Here are some fun images of the people she has met along the way!

Beating Cancer Recurrence

When cancer comes back, Brigham and Women’s Hospital doubles down to give patients every chance at recovery. Written by Sarah M. Jackson

For as long as she can remember, Eileen Kaplan has infused humor into every chapter of her life. It made her fellow Girl Scouts laugh at camp. It caused “little pieces of trouble” throughout high school. It put her patients at ease when she worked as an X-ray technologist. It built rapport with her business clients…

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Radio Interviews

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Close-Up Talk Radio with Doug Liewellyn
Spotlights cancer awareness advocate Eileen A. Kaplan

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“Laughter is the Breast Medicine” on Because HopeMatters Radio
with Maryanne Makekau & Rob Harris

Featured on Radio Shows:

Dr. Shani Fox, “Courage and Grace,” Remarkable Cancer Survivors

Dr. Jo Anne White, “Power Your Life”

Irina Wardas, “Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina”

Jeanne White, “The Connect Show”

WNPR YALE with Dr. Francine Foss

WDRC with Mary Jones, The Mary Jones Show

The Morning Show with Stu Bryer, WICH

Wayne Norman, WILI, Willimantic, CT

“What’s Weighing You Down?,” Dr. Marilyn Gansel, FTNS.co

FTNS, Dr. Marilyn Gansel, Eileen Kaplan and her P.T. (Weighing in on Lymphedema)

WATR Waterbury with Barbara Davitt

WXLM, “Everyday People” with Anne Buonocore

Bruce Barber, Dir. & Pro. Of WNPR, “The Real Life Survival Guide”

“Social Women”, Mediapeel, newest radio station in RI, 790 AM, WPRV

“Talk with Francesca,” Francesca Bastrache, 1510 AM, WWZN “Revolution Boston”

Joni Aldrich, The Women 4 Women Network, W4WN.com, North Carolina

Nurse’s Talk Radio (CA)

Terzi Talk with Tony Terzi, WDRC

Jaki’s Buzz, WSYN, Wesleyan Radio

Power Talk Women with Deb Bailey

What’s Weighing You Down, FTNS Radio, with Dr. Marilyn Gansel

Dr.’s Inn, Kathleen Kanavos & Suzanne Strisower, Blog Talk Radio

Elyn Jacobs Radio, W4CS, Cancer Support Network

Sue Vogan, “In Short Order,” Health Program

Kommunity Konnections, WAPJ

Lee Elci, WXLM, Talk Show

Cancer Speaker, Breast Cancer Survivor, & Author