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EileEileen-Laugh.pngen Kaplan, Keynote Speaker, Humorist and Author, has a sense of humor that many lack during a life changing experience.  Her ability to share her experience and journey of her cancer in her book “Laughter is the Breast Medicine” has helped many, with very similar circumstances look at life in a positive way.

Of course she cried - who wouldn't - she decided to laugh!  This describes her so well.  Things you wouldn’t normally hear from a patient after a bi-lateral breast cancer and double mastectomy patient; “Ever feel like a flounder?” “My boobless chest looked like two big cinnabuns” “Was there an upside to chemo brain? You bet! I forgot how to cook.”

A speaker, cancer awareness advocate and mentor, Eileen Kaplan speaks on being a survivor of breast cancer, prevention of the disease and dealing with the issues associated with cancer and it's aftermath. She speaks with humor and heart on making the lifestyle changes necessary for combating all types of cancer. Her message of having a good attitude and positive thinking in life is crucial in dealing with the disease as well as taking good care of yourself. She says that her journey was tempered by family and humor saying that "you can cry in joy or you can laugh in joy" and to keep in mind that laughter is therapeutic.

She has always been active in fundraising for cancer research. The year before her own diagnosis, she was awarded the "Daffodil Award" by The American Cancer Society for her successful campaign in raising money for cancer research - by selling 240 bunches of 'Daffies.'

Never did she realize that the money she raised could possibly have been used for her own successful diagnosis.

Her book has helped thousands of women and men to cope with their own medical challenges, specifically breast cancer.  She continues to be a positive mentor for women and an advocate for their better health.

If you are on the journey of life after cancer diagnosis, your best friend, your mother or you just want to understand a little better how Eileen laughed her way through her cancer treatments, grab this book, it’s an “Inspirational Book of Humor”.


Eileen Kaplan’s book is an example of survival behavior.  We know cancer patients who laugh live longer even if they laugh for no reason.  However, to maintain a sense of humor and create a reason to laugh enabled Eileen to turn her situation into “the breast medicine.”  I always share the importance of healthy humor and survival behavior with the people I care for.  So read on and learn how to bring the childlike sense of humor which resides in all of us.  "Laughter Is The Breast Medicine" is an enlightening read.

— Bernie Siegel, MD
author of Faith, Hope & Healing
365 Prescriptions For The Soul

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