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Giving Back

Giving Back

Eileen has always been active in fundraising for cancer research. She continues to be a positive mentor for women and an advocate for their better health. Eileen continues to support events and fundraising efforts to help bring awareness and research for this horrible disease!

ArtBra New Haven

Eileen has been involved in this wonderful organization for a few years now! She has created and modeled bras to be auctioned off at a benefit for Smilow Cancer Center Patient’s Fund. The Mission of this organization is to provide emotional and financial support to the under & uninsured breast cancer patients in the Greater New Haven region. The Vision is to involve and engage the diverse artistic community of Greater New Haven, to support the under & uninsured, and to fight for the eventual eradication of this disease! Some examples:


Mustang Sally


The Vegan


Trick or Treat

Cancer Speaker, Breast Cancer Survivor, & Author