Eileen has a sense of humor and a unique way of engaging everyone she meets that others may lack during a life changing experience.  Her ability to share her experience and journey of her bi-lateral breast cancer and bi-lateral mastecomy in “Laughter is the Breast Medicine.” Her book has inspired many, with very similar circumstances and to look at life in a positive way.

Eileen speaks with humor and heart on having a good attitude and positive thinking in life which is crucial in dealing with disease as well as taking good care of yourself.  Eileen is a Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate and she mentors women who are dealing with health and physical issues associated with breast cancer and its aftermath. 

"There is a CAN in Cancer."

Eileen also decided to laugh, she couldn’t help it. So much of the healing adventure was filled with irony and absurdity that she found great strength in the humor of each situation. Eileen discovered that "Laughter is the breast medicine". Within the pages of Laughter Is The Breast Medicine, you’ll see that, too, in the stories, anecdotes, and observations that’ll have you reeling with -- and healing with -- laughter.

©2014 Eileen A Kaplan - Breast Cancer Speaker, Author.